'Jatilan Horse trance dance Trowulan Java nov 2012 Indo Style'

'Jatilan Horse trance dance Trowulan Java nov 2012 Indo Style'
36:27 6d ago

'This is the first act in a long night,the Jatilan (horse trance dance) is a long performance sometimes starting at 8pm & continuing through to 2am in the morning, It involves many performers & players, a full Gamelan orchestra was in attendance this night with both male & female singer included,They were very professional outfit with proper costumes & musical equipment & for the first time enough light to shoot video, I was only able to record the first act as I simply ran out of batteries,so could not film the entire event , but what I did capture was the most dramatic that is for sure, the young men begin by dancing to the Gamelan music and also are involved in rituals conducted by the local Sharman and his helpers, this puts them into a trance which manifests with alarming speed, and the men watching are ready to grab them as they spring back & go into spasm, they stay in this state for a long time and perform actions they would most likely not be able to in their normal conciousness,I have attended other such performances where red hot iron bars have been run down tongues with no burning, and slamming of fists & heads into piles of broken glass with no visible signs of blood or cuts, I wasn\'t expecting what actually happened and realised I had been standing next to the shopping bag full of snakes for 10 minutes sometimes brushing up against it , not sure they were poisonous or not, but given the option I think I may have moved over a tad, the chook went out in spectacular fashion unlike the odd billion that get the chop every day in Indonesia for Nasi Ayam, It was over very quickly but the young man\'s preferred technique for preparing his food would not go down too well at most dinner tables, These performances'

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