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'☮ Hi, I\'m Buddy Jackson, #GrooveHonky And Full-Time Psychedelic-Digital-Artist, I\'m Again Ventilating \"Original\" Creative Art Works Into Earth\'s Grid-Iron-Matrix. THIS™ Musical-Artistic Hobby Of Mine, Is A Personal #Thang All My Own.. For My Own Enjoyment And My Own Benefit.(That\'s Exactly Right!) If You Don\'t Get THIStm, Just Go Away, \"OKAY\". On-The-Other-Hand, #Topol -Thanks For Extending #KindWill Toward THIS TM YouTube Channel, Whose Purpose Is To Attract A Clothing & Accessories Manufacturer / Distributor, Wanting To Benefit From THIS™ Extensive Brand Marketing Effort, As I Continuously Seek A Corporate Business Partner Wanting To Help Change The World By Welcoming My #NewRetailTheatre Concept As A Brilliant And Fascinating Approach To Abundance & Contribution (Blah Blah). As I See THIS TM, A Clothing & Accessories Manufacturer Would Get-Behind #THIStm #Hippiemart #Wantra ~ Wear THIS™ #KindwillOrg #ConexOutlet #Brand ~Helping Hide The Homeless, Providing Overnight Accommodations To Anyone Wanting Alternative Housing In A Youth Hostle, Vagabond\'s, Veteran\'s, And Vacationer\'s, Alike, #ohBoy! Everyone, Working Together, Ought To Help Hide The Homeless #Epidemic By Starting To Donate To THIS™ Kindwill Organization, Because Our Effort Will Remove The Unsightly Remnants Left In The Wake Of Street Urchins Because Its Obvious We Cannot Depend On Our Current Existing, Christian Church Approach, And Governmental System Because Without A Doubt Its Most Definitely Broken! Obviously, It\'s Up To Us To Solve \"Our\" [Ugly] Growing Homeless Problem! Wordy-Words And The History Of THIS™.. Welcome Love, Don\'t #Bafwaid! I\'m Enjoying My Life\'s Expression As An Dreamer Of My #Ownvention. Basically A Simple, Idealistic, Personal Concept, Where I\'ve Transformed \"THIS\" Lowly Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, -Most Commonly Overstated And Frequently Overjected, Into A Proper Noun, By The Usage Of An Official Trademark™ Symbol, Recognized Now As THIS™ A Gift Clothing \"Brand Name\", Employing \"The Word\" THIS™ Historically Realized, November 24, 1989, Ethically, -The Friday Immediately Following Thanksgiving, Now Affectionately Known By The Consumer Community As #BlackFriday, -While I Was Walking With A #Hangover, To My Yob At NYNEX, New York Telephone Company, On 50th Street Between 9th & 10th Ave\'s, In Manhattan, New York, Early-In-The-Morning! Although My Clothing \"Concept\" Had Periodically Nagged Me Through The Years 1990-2009, I Did Not Take Action, Nor Begin The Development Of It, Until Early January Of 2010, After Which I\'d Attended An Intensive Five Weeks Of Formal Training In Alchemical Hypnotherapy, By The Brilliantly Strange Wizardry Of Hypnosis, Master Known As David Quigley, Of Santa Rosa, California. Recently, I Incorporated THIS™ Brand Gift Clothing Concept Into Something I Call New Retail Theatre, Previously Limited To The Distasteful #Hippie [Word] As #Hippiemart, Now Introducing Yet Another Milestone In Great Imaginaryist Conceptions, By Intended Focus Upon \"Hiding The Homeless\" -A Most Negative And Demeaning, Often Derogatory And Disdainful, Misaligned Misfortune Of Societal Woegret, Ah! But Alas! Our New Life-Changing, Psychedelic Form Of Hypnotic, Home-Free-Ness, To Serve As The Means Of Hiding The Unflattering Homeless Element\'s From Plain Sight Within #KindWillOrg #ConexOutlet Overnight Acropolis Dwelling\'s, Yay! #HustleStop! -Our New #CircularEconomical Social-Media-Portal\'s Allow Us To Stimulate A Sphere Of Magnetic Confluence By Stretching Our Magnificent Imagination\'s Far & Wide Reaching Beyond Sensical Commonality! #WudJaGitMe? Said! Don\'t #FhEAR #THIStm #Psychedelic #Hypnosis Created For #KindWill #GiftBoxCard -Just #GitXomeOnyu! #HurryStop! #RetailAfterLife \"Dream Portals\", -Where THIS™ Always Delivers Fun! New! And Uncommon! Exciting! Educational! #Advertainment! THIS™ #ConexOutlet Is #MakingRetailFun!, #GitXome Certainly! THIS™ Will Be Licensing THIS TM, As NEW RETAIL THEATRE \"SOCIAL MEDIA PORTAL\'S\" In #ConexBoxes (#ShippingContainers) -For Every Day People Who Want To Own And Operate Their Own Portable, Off-Grid, Innovative-Retail-Business -In Their Own Town\'s, -In Their Own Way! Help Hide The Homeless By Donating To THIS™ Kindwill Social-Media-App-Technologies, Providing \"New Retail Theatre\" (Advertainment, For \"Something-To-Do\"), Integrating Kindwill Into Empty, Vacant, Abandoned, Brick And Mortar, #Retail Real Estate Properties, At Dead Shopping Malls And Stores, Worldwide! Get THIS TM! The First And Last Brand Name In #Boho, #Chic, #Gypsy, #Hippie, #Streetstyle #Fashion ! Questionnaire: http://homeless.kindwill.org [email protected] (213) LET-THIS #sitNseek: *I Always Strive To Avoid Ordinary Sounding Music That Violates YouTube Copyright Law-Filters, Therefore I Have Made All Video\'s Private, For My Own Personal Use. .'

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